Lisa Nobumoto

Dive into the vibe of a refreshing hot multi-jazz Vocalist Lisa Nobumoto~the new and inviting authentic be-bop, blues and ballads singer with adult contemporary jazz song highlights. Sweet Nobumoto's sexy, saucy irresistable elegance and tasteful of musical flavor combined with some of New York's best, and most creative performing artists of the new mellenium will prove to be a night of hot and sizzling excellence! A california native, this singer worked with Be-bop pioneers such as Teddy Edwards, Jimmy Cleveland, Al "Tootie" Heath, Larry Gales, Conti Condoli, Billy Higgins, George Gaffney,and Gerald Wiggins in an abundance of tours and festivals. Nobumoto is definitely well endowed with musicians who can lay down a foundation for her that will surely guarantee a night of exciting excellence and fun! Voted #1 unsigned singer out of hundreds of entries in Music Connection Magazine's yearly poll by industry professionals,Lisa Nobumoto stands apart. Songstress Nobumoto comes from "the nub" bringing with her the incredible true sounds of the distinctive "jazz generation"-Her special musical essence along with her unique phrasing and technique (inspired by the late musical genius and pioneer of jazz tenor saxophonist Teddy Edwards), mixed with the notable nouveau-injected contemporary stylings of producer Norman Connors-this vocalist can sing! Exuding an inspiring, joyful and hope-filled sound full of an era mixed with past and present day nuances.A strong repertoire with incredible vocal power and mastery ."In the moment"-"real-time"--the sound of today with the wisdom of yesterday--a delicately blended song stylist--sensitive and assuring, dynamic and captivating...she wows her audiences, appearing with her own group and delivering a message, Lisa Nobumoto was born to an entertain! This vocalist is definitely marked as a "must see"! Remember the name, "Nobumoto"'ll be hearing more from this singer!